ITKAN – Exploring a Passion for Technology without Limits!

Welcome to ITKAN – the Information Technology Knowledge Abilities Network! We’re excited to launch our site, share our mission, strengthen relationships with key partners, forge new partnerships and express our passion for technology and the many opportunities that harnessing it can provide to our members.

Who we are:

Speaking of our mission, ITKAN is a member-driven professional growth and networking organization dedicated to strengthening opportunities for members of the disability community with a passion for technology to achieve meaningful careers in the industry, be exposed to developing technologies and trends, and generally explore that passion. We are proud to be a 2012 Computerworld Honors Laureate! We are affiliated with the Illinois Technology Foundation, the academic partner of the Illinois Technology Association, and share their strong commitment to academic growth and passion for technology.

What we do:

ITKAN members commit to active support of our committees – Membership, Communications or Development. Additionally, they commit to a high level of participation in our monthly meetings – which is easy since we meet at the Microsoft Technology Center on Chicago’s beautiful lakefront – a haven for techies! Our monthly meetings are chock full of immersive programs with subject matter experts in leading edge technologies and platforms that impact all of us. Recent programs have explored:

·      Mobile technologies and their value to – and challenges for – the disability community; an agnostic discussion

·      Yong Kim – Creating your IT Career Path, a Personal Journey

·      Windows Mobile 7 – a hands-on tutorial by Evangelist Dave Bost on developing, and profiting from, mobile application development

·      Kinect – an immersive experience with Evangelist Krishna Kumar –  its application to and potential to impact the disability experience

Finally, as members of ITKAN we are all committed to exposing our rich talents and passion to the business community!

Connect with us!

Why not join us and help grow our community of talented IT professionals with disabilities? You can find us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and of course right here! Don’t forget to join us at the MTC the 2nd Thursday of every month from 5-7PM!

ITKAN – Exploring a Passion for Technology without Limits!


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