ITKAN is a member-driven professional networking and growth organization with a focus on students, professionals, and aspiring professionals with disabilities within the technology field!


ITKAN is an open and welcoming community of people intrigued by tech. We showcase and educate on leading edge technology, while emphasizing the joy of learning. This creates relationships that last a lifetime and members who share these experiences together. While we target students, professionals, and aspiring professionals with disability (ies), whether evident or other, we have many members, mentors and friends without any known disability. We are stronger together.

Core Pillars of ITKAN

Knowledge – We strive to present leading edge technologies or tech-infused topics consistently by leaders in their fields.

Network – We commit to assist our members to grow their professional and personal relationships to drive their growth and enhance their lives.

Opportunity – We actively seek work and career opportunities for our members who are looking to develop or transition careers in tech. 

Technology – Our tagline below our logo is “Exploring Technology without Limits”. We live this in our topics, creativity, problem-solving and equity practice.

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If you would like more information about ITKAN or would like to partner with us to support career development among students or candidates with disabilities into tech, please contact Pat Maher at pat.maher@spr.com.

If you have questions about our website or need accommodations for one of our monthly member meetings, please contact Brian Chorba at brian.chorba@spr.com.