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Casual Fridays…with a message or two.

On Fridays every so often, ITKAN will let its hair down and celebrate the upcoming weekend, but we want to keep our passionate focus on becoming leaders in technology. As geeks at ITKAN, we think, address and debate about current tech issues or VERY far into the future regarding the latest interfaces, software or what have you. My opinion is that the most creative ideas occur around assistive technology.

Assistive technology is an area where ITKAN can share views on today or casually toss ideas about distant future and ask questions about various science, technology engineering and mathematical (STEM) issues. For example, does a user need extensive training to use this specific technology? Will it be focused on a certain disability demographic? When will it be here to stay?

These questions are relevant, and relevant can be very cool…ask Joe Blasi keeping notes on Microsoft’s research on human body tracking for the Kinect game system, or take a look at the video below. We see that a very small set of neurons in our brain really do change the world, and we need technology to make the translation from a bulky machine to what fits into our pocket to the unknown.

Have a great Friday!

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