Moving forward

Dear ITKAN members and friends:

Just a brief note to let you know that we’ve had some great progress of late. First, members Chris Ludwig and Steve Luker are now interning (paid internships) at ELCA, a great organization and client of Kathie Topel’s! They are both acclimating to their team and the culture. Many thanks to CTO Jon Beyer and the entire ELCA organization for working to get these two bright professionals working in the IT field! Please go to LI and congratulate Chris and Steve! If you are linked with Jon Beyer or anyone at ELCA, please thank them for their support. They are our first intern client since we’ve moved into a training-to-hire phase at ITKAN and we want them to know how much we appreciate them! If you’re with a corporation, please reach out to us and begin a conversation on how we can work together to get a qualified ITKAN member into your organization!

Next, I’m just back to work from a couple of spinal surgeries related to long-term consequences of my traumatic SCI – specifically Charcot Spine or arthropathy. Hopefully this will be my last spinal surgery and I am incredibly grateful for my surgeons and all of the care teams at Advocate Christ Hospital and Medical Center in Oak Lawn. I’m very grateful to be back at my computer and working! One day at a time, but all signs are great.

We are continuing to work with our Advisory Team members, corporate partners/sponsors and of course our hosts at the Microsoft Technology Center to strengthen ITKAN and move our training to hire efforts into high gear for the balance of 2015 and beyond!

You should have received the 4th quarter Advisory Team invite if you’re on the team – if you’re interested in joining us please reach back to me at!

Very best all!


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