“Self-Direct Learning Websites and Links to self-learn online!”

Hi, everyone I have some self-direct learning websites and links for everyone are ready and are willing to self-learn online and achieve goals to success. Wherever you are a beginner, immediate or an expert and ready to learn more about self-learning, I welcome you to Self-Direct Learning. I have top 5 Self-Direct Learning Websites and I will set-up their links for you to look at it and practice, practice and practice what your goals are and they are free to use and learn. These websites will provide support on any skill what you to learn for example: learn how to troubleshoot an application, installing a new Windows 7 or 10, web programming, code a program and how to clean an installation or rebuild an cache on the Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. Please be free to ask any questions or concerns you may have and I’ll be happy to provide any assistance or guidelines for you. Thank you and have an wonderful week.

The Websites and Their Links to Self-Learning Online:

  1. I highly and mostly recommended Microsoft Virtual Academy because it’s provides high support by building your skills and advance your career. It also offer free IT training for Develop IT Pros, Scientists, etc.

2. Udemy is best known for it’s online learning and teaching marketplace with over               65,000 course online and 15 million students

3.  Codecademy is best known for providing the best technical skills to transformed                your career with coding.

4.     Khan Academy is excellent self-learn online training because you can learn                         everything like for example: Algebra, Science, Computer Science, etc.

5.    GitHub is another self-learn training because it’s a development platform                              inspired by the way you work.


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