“A new IP strategy for a new era of shared innovation”

Good Afternoon, everyone. Microsoft has found a new IP strategy for a new era of shared innovation. Please check this link out and share your thoughts with ITKAN and if you have any questions or concerns, I’m here to assist and provide any guidelines or suggestions. Thank you and have an beautiful and warm week.

“Every company today is becoming in part a software company – we see this every day at Microsoft. Whether it’s auto manufacturers, retailers, health care providers or financial services firms, our customers are not only transforming their own business operations with our software but collaborating with our consultants and engineers to create new digital products and services that run on our platform. As we look to the future, advancements and the adoption of cloud services, data analytics and artificial intelligence will only accelerate this phenomenon.

That’s why today we are announcing Microsoft’s Shared Innovation Initiative. It is based on a set of principles designed to address co-created technology and intellectual property (IP) issues that give customers clarity and confidence regarding their work with Microsoft. The initiative is designed to strike a healthy balance that will both help our customers grow their business through technology and enable Microsoft to continue to improve its platform products.”

Brian Smith – Microsoft President and Chief Executive Officer

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