“Using intelligence to advance security from the edge to the cloud”


Hello, everyone. Microsoft has a new technology software called Azure Sphere to expanded and secured the Internet and to advance security from the edge to the cloud. Please read this article and see what is interests you.

“We are living in a world where almost everything is becoming connected, whether it’s the electrical grid, phone system, our cars, or the appliances that heat our home or chill our food.  As this Internet of Things (IoT) continues to proliferate, so does the threat of debilitating cyber-attacks, like last year’s devastating ransomware attacks that damaged, destroyed and disrupted systems around the world. And these attacks are only growing more sophisticated – and commonplace.”  

“We recognize that we and others in the tech sector have the first responsibility to address these issues. After all, we build the products.  We operate the platform.  We unfortunately are the battlefield in many ways.  We are the first responders.  At Microsoft and at many of our peers, our security professionals are the ones that answer the call, scramble onto airplanes, and stay by our customer’s side until their issues are resolved. Trust is the underpinning of our relationship with our customers, and we recognize that we must earn and maintain that trust every single day.”  

Brad Smith, Microsoft President and Chief Executive Officer.

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