“Year Up Opportunity for ITKAN Members”



I have an excellent opportunity for everyone to read about the program called Year Up and submit an interested form on their website. In addition, I was accepted to the program for their Information Technology track coming this fall. I will be completing a 6-month career development and training and a 6-month professional internship with corporate partners in Chicago. Year Up is a one-year, intensive training program that provide, young adults ages 18-24 with a combination of hands-on skill development, corporate internships with leading companies, a stipend and access to college credits loan free. All students accepted into the Year Up Program will have the opportunity to choose what track they want to earn technical skills.

During the first six months of the program, participants focus on mastering the skills that will prepare them for careers in Finance, Business, Banking, Sales/Client Services, Information Technology or Project Management Support. During the second of half the program, trainees are placed in earned 6 month internships with our local corporate partners, where they can apply the skills they’ve learned to gain experience, and develop their professional network. So I am encouraging everyone please apply and submit an interested form and please attend an Info Session group meeting at the Year Up Downtown Campus. Just a reminder to everyone, the Year Up Program has extended their deadline to submit interested forms until next Monday July 16th. Please reach out to me, if you need any asssistance or concerns. Thank you in advance and have an wonderful day.



  1. Barry Kirkman

    Great News!

    1. <a href="" class="url" rel="ugc external nofollow">Gerise Kendrick</a>

      Thank you Mr. Kirkman so much

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