“From ‘Minecraft’ to mixed reality, Microsoft is preparing students for the future”


Hi, everyone. I was on LinkedIn and just hear that Microsoft is going to be preparing students for the future by using “Microsoft: Education Edition”. The research looked at the skills today’s kindergartners will need how teachers can best prepare them through their educational journey and the role that technology will play. The research highlighted several times, including a new focus on social skills and emotional competencies and an ongoing read for personalized learning. It identifies the shifts required to move from current educational models to student-centric approaches. The research also reinforced a continued focus on cognitive skills and identified variances between teachers and students priorities around technology the importance of creativity and feedback on social and emotional skills.


Supporting student achievement: 

Microsoft has a long-held commitment to empower every student to create the world of tomorrow and provide classroom tools that live up to the same high standards teachers set for their students. Accessibility features like dictation and text decoding features are helping students of all abilities improve reading, writing and comprehension. New approaches to learning, from mixed-reality applications to hands-on lesson plans, are providing students with rich, immersive experiences to spark their curiosity and creativity. The workshop’s Hacking STEM initiative provides low-cost, interactive STEM lesson plans for school students. The lessons enable students to solve real-world problems and be creative priorities identified in the new research by both students and teachers as critical skills for the future.


Powerful tools for immersive learning: 

Microsoft’s research suggests that mixed reality the combination of augmented and virtual reality helps students learn because it activates multiple areas of the brain while also giving them independence and opportunities to explore the worlds beyond the physical limits of the classroom. Microsoft’s Mixed Reality team has learn working to develop applications teachers can use to give students experiences allows them to interact with information in new ways. Research has shown that 3D technology can also improve learning and retention among students since visualization helps make compare topics more understandable.


Technology that engages the senses:

Technology has been part of the education landscape for decades, but has traditionally been used to automate processes or digitize content. Now, it is increasingly enabling learning in ways that blends the physical and digital universes, reflecting how students today interact with the world. Similarly, digital pens and inking are being used in classroom not just to restore the lost art of penmanship, but help students retain what they’re learning. Microsoft has built digital inking capabilities into various educational devices and apps, and the technology is being used in classrooms by both teachers and students.






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