April 2021 Meeting – Augmented Reality with BUNDLAR

Augmented Reality Made Easy | A person holds a smart phone which displays a 3D schematic of a pneumatic engine while a printed manual rests on a table.

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Imagine all the problems augmented reality (AR) could solve if a simple tool existed that allowed anybody to create AR experiences in minutes. Matt Wren, CTO of BUNDLAR, a web based platform that provides a no-code, drag and drop interface for authoring, editing, publishing and accessing AR, will discuss how novice users can learn to publish AR in as little as 30 minutes. While simple to use, the BUNDLAR platform provides a powerful set of features that make it easy to publish and access on-demand training, performance support, and instructional materials. This real time demonstration will cover how to publish an AR bundle using the BUNDLAR platform, a marketable skill that anybody can learn. Demand for augmented reality development is increasing as this technology is rapidly being adopted. Nearly every major technology company in the world has already committed to AR as an integral part of communication in the coming years.

Thu, April 8, 2021
5:30 PM – 7:00 PM CDT


Matt Wren is the Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of BUNDLAR, an augmented reality solutions company serving individuals, businesses and institutions. He has been a VR enthusiast for over twenty years, professionally developing VR & AR applications since 2016. Matt regularly speaks about immersive technology at events, providing thought leadership on content, strategy, innovation, and the business benefits of virtual and augmented reality. He is the previous Chicago Chapter President of the VR/AR Association. Matt is a technology adviser to Loyola University Chicago’s Ignite Lab for Entrepreneurship, an entrepreneurship advisor to Illinois Institute of Technology’s Kaplan Institute for Innovation, and a Designer/Developer member and mentor at 1871 (the World’s #1 Tech Incubator). Matt founded VRAR Chicago, whose “The Next Evolution” event series has been connecting and growing the XR community in Chicago since early 2017. In July of 2018, Matt led several local groups to host the first Chicago XR Summit, showcasing 25 Chicago based VR and AR companies to over 300 attendees.

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