June 2021 Meeting – Carbon Footprint Digital Assistant – Carby

ITKAN June 2021 Meeting | Meet CARBY | A hand holds a smart phone with the Carby app loading while a glass of iced coffee rests on a coaster

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Join us as ITKAN continues its journey on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science with a presentation by data science / machine learning award-winning practitioner Kevin Hartman. He will discuss and demonstrate Carby, an app that provides consumers quick access to information about the products we choose related to their impact on our environment simply by snapping a photo! Using the power of Ai, Carby will reveal the product’s carbon score and suggest lower impact alternatives if they exist.

The team that Kevin is part of recently won the World Innovation Day Hackathon, an international competition to demonstrate the creative use of technology to address our global challenges in achieving a more sustainable future. See the app and learn how the team plans to build Carby into a production-capable system that includes more Ai models and an automated data pipeline.

Thu, June 10, 2021
5:30 PM – 7:00 PM CDT


Kevin Hartman is a fastidious problem solver, an expressive communicator, and a career learner. He loves solving complex problems using technology and data, turning the result into something simple and effortless. His specialty is formulating high-impact solutions that leverage technology innovation. From this passion he became versed in the skills of Product Management, Software Engineering and Data Science, and has education in all three. He has inspired, influenced, and led the creation of hundreds of digital products; working from both inside and alongside teams of researchers, scientists, designers, engineers and enthusiasts.

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