January 2022 Meeting – Open Meeting on Transformation

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Register for the January 13 meeting.

As our title suggests, 2022 will focus on Transformation – of members, technologies, or careers. After 2021 many of us are looking to transform our lives, and ITKAN is transforming itself as well. In the coming year we will alternate open members meetings with presenter meetings. Our open members meetings will encourage dialogue on growth topics for members – whether coursework, certifications, job opportunities, or personal growth topics. An ITKAN Advisory Team member will moderate the meetings, but we encourage member ownership. They will offer topics for discussion only if the meeting isn’t energized – and based on history that shouldn’t be an issue! 

Thu, January 13, 2022
5:30 PM – 7:00 PM CDT


ITKAN has been a community since 2008 that takes care of its own, and we’re proud of that. Members have secured 1st careers, transitioned careers, and made life-long friendships.  We are perpetual learners and active community members, and through ITKAN and it is our hope that with the focus this year on transformation it will help us to continue this legacy. 

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