ITKAN’s 15th Anniversary Celebration

In a virtual open air auditorium, a female avatar sits on a bench talking to a male avatar nearby while a third avatar stands on a stage watching.

Join us as we celebrate 15 years of ITKAN in our new home in the metaverse! We have been engaging the Civic Tech and Disability communities since 2008! We are celebrating in the metaverse at our new virtual home community on Virbela’s Open Campus in the Speakeasy with a dance party, music, a slide show and some surprises!  

It’ll be a fun time for everyone…and simple. You can even wear your fuzzy slippers, and no one will know! 

  1. Go to on your PC or Mac and click on the Get Started button 
  2. Register on Virbela (see below for helpful tips)
  3. Download the app for your device 
  4. Create your avatar  
  5. Join us in the Speakeasy on Th., October 13th from 6-7pm! 

Virbela Registration
When you register, choose ITKAN as the Organization. The Organization Size is 11-50.

Username and Avatar
Consider creating a username that is close to your real name. We will be interacting with other professionals in the environment. Have fun with your avatar, but if you veer far from a real work likeness and you use a non-recognizable username please greet people in world with your true identity.

Where is the Speakeasy?
Don’t worry. Virbela staff members are super friendly, engaging, and helpful. Once you appear in world, someone will be there to assist you. You can also join us Wednesdays from 5-5:30pm in world to get used to the controls.

Event Registration
We encourage you to also register on our Evenbrite page. Doing so will allow us to keep Virbela aware of how many people they can expect and will allow us to keep you informed.


ITKAN is proud of our history of presenting lead edge technology in a fun environment to anyone with even a kernel of passion. We’ve partnered with so many great companies and organizations over the years, including Illinois Technology Foundation, Microsoft/MTC Chicago, SPR, Abilitylinks, Yolbe, 1871, Equal Access, Computerworld, Marriott Bridges, Virbela and many more. Thanks to all of them! 

We hope to see you at our 15th Anniversary Virtual Party! 

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