March 2023 Meeting – Slido Engagement Tool

In a virtual office three avatars stand facing each other. One avatar shines a laser pointer on a website displayed on a wall.

Register for the March 9 meeting.

Join us for an interactive introduction to an easy to deploy and highly engaging tool to drive more active participation from audiences at meetings and conferences, whether virtual, remote, in-person or hybrid!

Slido lets you gauge your audience’s attention and keep them more engaged, whether through polling, asking questions, or conducting a fun pop quiz, and get results in real-time in very digestible formats like pie charts, % charts, or even emojis! 😊 Slido is far more effective than relying on chat or other more cumbersome polling tools.

Go to the instructions on our website to learn how to join.

Thu, March 9, 2023
5:30 PM – 7:00 PM CDT

ITKAN’s meeting space at the top of the Auditorium Building in Virbela’s Open Campus

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