“Don’t Stop Dreaming: you’re got the job, now what”


Microsoft want everyone to know if you’re dreaming about your next job opportunities and you got the job, don’t stop dreaming and keep going forward to more opportunities. That’s why Microsoft recruiter Heidi Landex Grotkopp believes that your careers can be illuminating trip into self-discovery, skill development and building strong relationships. I’ll got the 3 top recommendations for staying sharp for everyone:

Give yourself time to settle in:

Give yourself time to get to know your work. Spend time with your peers and managers to learn more about the business, the expectations, and the customers. Ask for periodic check-ins with managers and peers to ensure you are on track with agreed upon expectations or areas of improvements.

Fill in your skill gaps:

Focus on the strengths and don’t be afraid to know and publicly acknowledge your areas or opportunity. This may be the very areas that could head you into something new and exciting, something unexpected. Go to your manager and have a conversation about the identified gap. Lay out a plan to execute by training, a long-term class, or help. “You might not be the strongest in a skill, but never look in a mirror and think you’re not good enough”. ” Everyone can improve once they set their target”.

Understand that your career is evolutionary:

With every great role, you’ll find great lessons and potential successes. By chronicling your experience, expanding your connections and showcasing your well-earned accolades, you are settingĀ  a solid foundation to nurture your career development. Never treat a new roles, “end all, be all” It’s simply a milestone of your career evolutionary.


Please check this article out and let’s see how Microsoft will provide support for employees who are expanding their career into more possible opportunities. Please let me and ITKAN community know if you have any questions or concerns at your earliest convenience.



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