“Microsoft’s $26.2 billion bet on LinkedIn foreshadows human resources application move”


Hi everyone. I was just on LinkedIn saw and found an article about Microsoft’s $26.2 billions foreshadows human resources application move on ZD Net. Microsoft and LinkedIn may never be able to deliver on the ambitious outlined in a PowerPoint presentation, but the strategic rationale makes sense. Microsoft gets a social heft, a network of business pros, heads for its business and touch points to every person looking to be productive. LinkedIn is a social network hoping to be more of an human resources software company with no real skills to deliver.

Microsoft wants to be more involved in the human resources application food chain. For now, Microsoft is justifying a hefty premium on everything from improving Bing to cloud analytics to using LinkedIn data to improve Office, Dynamics CRM and a host of collaboration tools. Microsoft can help LinkedIn achieve what it wanted to do offer acquiring, which offers online training courses via video. LinkedIn will have mores resources and an ability to compete with the big guns such as Google. Expanding beyond recruiting and learning & development to create value for any part of an organization involved with hiring, managing, initiating or heading employees. The human resource capital area is a massive business opportunity and a entirely new one for Microsoft.

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