“Microsoft buy LinkedIn for 26.2 billion”


More exciting news everyone. Microsoft is buying social-networking site LinkedIn in an all-cash transaction for $26.2 billions company officials announced June 13. The move fits in with Microsoft’s increasing push to focus on business customers. The company provides a social network alternative for finding professional and work connections, sharing resumes and potentially finding new posts. In 2015, LinkedIn bought for 1.2 billion to help the company bolster its online learning/training and talent-development capacities.

Microsoft’s press release mentions LinkedIn’s new version of its mobile app and the enhancement of its news feed “to deliver business insights”. Microsoft bought enterprises social-networking vendor Yammer for $1.2 billion in 2012, and since then has ended up cribbing a number of Yammer technologies in its own Office 365 service. Yammer is one of number of overlapping technologies from Microsoft that is part of its social-networking portfolio. Microsoft officials see LinkedIn filling in with Office 365, Dynamics CRM/ ERP and Microsoft’s advertising efforts.

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