“IT service provider helps agribusiness modernize its desktop through Windows as a service deployment model”


Microsoft has a customer name CHS who partners with Dell EMC helps organizations to build their digital future. It’s manages service offering called Get Current + Stay Current is a boon to organizations like CHS. CHS, a global agribusiness that is deploying
Microsoft 365 and upgrading Windows 10 Office 365 Pro Plus. CHS can benefit from the increased security and productivity delivered through semi-annual Windows release synced with Office 365 Pro Plus updates. “Dell EMC helps CHS transition to a ‘get current, stay current’ mentality. Now, CHS achieve a major productivity with Office 365 Pro Plus”.

Deployment and upgrades challenges:

CHS had already deployed Windows 10 on nearly 2,000 devices and aims to have the next 6,000 devices. While CHS has central IT department and use Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager to manage all corporate owned devices, locations have traditionally handled the hardware refresh cycle triggers operating upgrades every three years. Some machinces scheduled for a refresh after the Windows 7 operation system reaches end of life in 2020.

Streamiling upgrades with service rings:

The concept of ranking applications to critically, Dell EMC concept called “servicing ring” offered a new and flexible deployment methodology CHS tailored to meet its requirements. Servicing rings define new CHS divides it’s devices into manageable groups for targeted scheduled deployments. Agility in our deployments of Windows 10 will helps work with locations to process for employees to enables self-scheduled upgrades.

Getting and staying current to boost security and productivity

CHS will finalize a future of operations with Dell EMC based on its completed Windows as a service design plan. CHS will also use the new deployment methodology for keepingĀ  current Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus, now deployed to the entire organization. With the help of Dell EMC, CHS now has a unique strategy for providing semi-annual Windows 10 upgrades in sync with Office 365 Pro Plus, for all devices into organization. ” The key to a successful engagement is finding partners you trust. By choosing to engage with Dell EMC and Microsoft, we’ve set ourselves up for success” Mark Rogers: Distributed Services Team Lead, CHS.



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