January 2019 Meeting – Optimizing Human Performance

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ITKAN kicks off our 2019 calendar with a local flavor dive of SciTech documentary series Liquid Science! It’s quite fascinating, touches on very familiar (at a high level) topics, and is quite accessible. In January we’re covering the topic of optimizing human performance in “Stronger, Faster”. The episode explores how high bio-tech can help us adapt to injuries and accomplish incredible feats. We’ll give a summary before the presentation and then dive into the topic experts!

Blair Lock, CEO and co-founder of CoApt, which develops and produces control systems for prostheses, as well as Nicole Kelly who utilizes one of these advanced systems in life will lead the discussion. Blair and Nicole will provide a demonstration and discuss the technology behind CoApt’s prosthetic. Then they’ll open it up to Q&A regarding the technology behind it.

Blair Lock, MScE, P.Eng. is a technologist, an established leader, and a well-known researcher in the field of advanced upper limb prosthetic control. He is the CEO and co-founder Chicago’s prospering Coapt, LLC – the world’s pioneering leader of pattern recognition systems for upper limb prosthetics. Prior to Coapt, Mr. Lock was the Operations Director for the research group that developed the groundbreaking Targeted Muscle Reinnervation surgical technique.

Blair has been dedicated to advancements in the field of upper limb prosthetics and myoelectric control for 15 years and holds graduate degrees in engineering, entrepreneurship, and management.

January 10, 2019
5-7:00 p.m.

Aon Tower
Microsoft Technology Center
200 E Randolph Street, 2nd floor
Chicago, IL 60601

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