February 2021 Meeting – Machine Learning by Example

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Join us as ITKAN kicks off the new year with a presentation by SPR’s Chief Architect, Pat Ryan. He will introduce the topic of Machine Learning and show some interactive examples of how to apply it. No programming skills are required.

  • General Overview
  • Autonomous driving with an 8-bit simulation of a car driving on a track. Imagine… Pong meets Tesla
  • Can we use data from the Titanic to predict if Jack or Rose would survive?
  • Using Machine Learning to categorize images. Can we train a model to tell the difference between a picture of a highway and a beach? Can we train a model to classify pictures of cats and dogs? What happens if we try to classify a highway picture for the Animals model? We will look at 2 data sets:
    1. Scenes from highway, forest, ocean dataset
    2. Animals from Cat, Dog, Pandas dataset
  • Use reinforcement learning to teach a system to find the winning square while avoiding the losing square. As the system plays the game, it starts to learn what moves will bring positive rewards and what moves will bring negative rewards. In the end the system almost never loses!
  • Facial recognition is a very controversial topic and technology. But how does it work? We will look the basic algorithm behind facial recognition to gain a better understanding of some of the details.

Thu, February 11, 2021
5:30 PM – 7:00 PM CDT


Pat Ryan: Pat Ryan likes to work on problems that matter. He applies software tools and techniques to the problems we have around us, with the goal of making the world a better place because of it. At SPR, Pat works closely with clients to understand their needs and craft solutions to help make them more successful. He also work directly with various engineering talents to pull together highly functioning teams. Pat is a player-manager. That means, he stays current with as many technologies as possible so he can understand and empathize when a team is struggling, and help them at a very concrete level. Pat continually builds his knowledge by reading technical books, attending classes, and coding something every day. Pat’s career has seen it all – from managing teams, to building a company from the ground up, to dreaming up software and devices that have gone on to solve client problems.

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